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An escape game, or escape room game, is an hour of fun where it’s your goal to make your ultimate escape.

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Lloyd Ayrton

What a blast! Three moms and three tweens had a terrific time this weekend. We had a terrific guide for our End of Days adventure. Thanks for the hints! The kids had a blast. It was fun to see them work together and figure stuff out. Lots of fun for all of us and made our trip to Christchurch so memorable.

Clare Lewis

We loved our Operation: End of Days Escape Room! The challenges were fun and intelligent and really brought out the teamwork in us. The staff here is kind and professional. We were six adults here for a family birthday outing and we’re all so happy we chose the right place!

Evelyn Atcheson

Great puzzles, fun challenging but still logical. A lot of thought went into designing the room. We had so much fun. Also, Josh (I for sure misspelled this I am sorry) was fantastic and super pleasant.

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