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World's publishers face off against Google: It's getting ugly

I had a feeling this would be the end result. At first there was co-operation and pleasantries exchanged between the media publishers and Google, and then it all went sour. Online publishers and newspapers appear to be heading for a face-off with search engine behemoth, Google. On Thursday, online publishers and print media in the […]

The converging media company

Who would have thought newspapers and magazines would start producing their own radio and TV programmes? Who would have thought radio stations would become active online publishers, running popular blogs? Who would have thought the readers, viewers and listeners would rise up and start producing their own media? The world is like this because we […]

Interesting people I've met at WAN (Part 1)

Rob Jonas – Google Media & Publishing head for EMEA. Tracked him down in the tent after I chaired his session at the Digital Round Table on Sunday. Vincent and I had quite a long chat about Google documents, Google ads (his lips were sealed on commissions) and the other stuff. He resolved to look […]

The Bullard blog charade

hmmmm… noticed this comment, supposedly by David Bullard, on Vincent’s blog. Got to admit it, my first reaction was that it seems almost contrived and over the top… doesn’t add up for me. Apology…..no chance. Just answer one question for me. Are you guys naturally stupid or do you have to get up early in […]

Big media houses are good for media development

Nixon Karithii, head of media studies at Wits, is a man I have immense respect for. But why does he think big media houses and big media conglomerates are a bad thing. Sure we want diversity and many players in the market, but having big media houses does not exclude smaller players from rising up and challenging and even becoming big conglomerates in their own right.

Online + print = better journalism

net savvy Online + print = better journalism Much has been written about how websites are increasingly threatening newspaper readerships. Much has been written about the supposed antagonistic relationship between the two mediums, stereotyped as the fast, loose and reckless propeller heads versus the staid, conservative, old newspaper hacks. Well it’s not like that. Although […]

Why SA’s Online Journalism is Rubbish

net savvy Why SA’s Online Journalism is Rubbish When will online journalism make a real impact in this country? Matthew Buckland says that until online starts to publish more original stories, it’s not going to be taken seriously. There is a movie on circuit at the moment called Shattered Glass. It’s about a rising star […]