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Rhodes University: My alma mater

I must say, I’m particularly proud that I went to Rhodes University. I have such amazing memories of studying and partying there. It’s an unusual campus, away from the big cities, situated in a small, relatively isolated town called Grahamstown. What this means is that most students live in residences and there is a tremendous […]

Dan Gillmor in Cape Town: Transparency is key

Pics by Tino Kreutzer Dan Gillmor, author of We Media and acclaimed citizen media advocate, was in Cape Town to speak at the University of Cape Town’s Business School about the publishing revolution of the digital age, also known as Citizen Media. Gillmor is co-founder of Dopplr, a social networking service that allows users to […]

Debating online media models @ Highway Africa

Looking forward to this year’s Highway Africa conference. I’m going to enjoy debating with We the Media author and general online media guru Dan Gillmor on the topic: ‘Whose citizen journalism is it anyway?’ at the Digital Citizens Indaba. Personally, I still don’t think media get it. Look, they’re trying to be inclusive: First it […]

Congrats mom!! :-)

So proud of my mom, Janet Buckland, who scooped Woman of the Year in Cape Town last night. She received the award for her work in developing the arts and uplifting communities in the Eastern Cape via her drama company UBOM! and the dance projects she runs in the local township. UBOM! brings together actors […]

Blogging @ Digital Citizen's Indaba and Rat Convergence

I’m at the Digital Citizen’s Indaba (DCI) and the Highway Africa Conference in Grahamstown. I’ll be presenting thoughts on the “business of the web” — issues of making revenue from blogs and websites. Of course, deriving revenue from your blog and your website is the burning issue, especially if this is your primary income. It’s […]

Online media – growing pains

I did a PDF of my powerpoint presentation (3mbs) at the recent Captivate Student Media conference that I popped down to Grahamstown for on Saturday. It looks at the online media industry in South Africa and then the BIG PICTURE, historical view of what online media and online networking means for society as a whole […]


At Captivate in Grahamstown. Deja vu… like i was here last week. Too much Grahamstown can kill a man. Only was here for one presentation, happened to be Vincent Maher’s, director of new media at Rhodes (but soon to be Strategist at Mail & Guardian Online). He talked about the “death of old media” in another unbelievable presentation […]

Captivate audience & Tito

Need sleep. Am soon to be back in the land of the Rat & Parrot and those people who like to drink till they fall over. Am at Rhodes University in Grahamstown again for the Captivate Student Media Conference. Only finished my presentation at 2am tonight because was with the Guv’nor himself, Tito Mboweni, for a big fancy supper […]

Bloggers Indaba: when's the next one?

The bloggers indaba in Grahamstown hit the sweetspot for me.  And judging by the strength of the panellists and the quality of questions asked by the delegates this was a strong conference. Nice to meet such awesome people and to be in such esteemed company. I liked the mix that was there, from online media, […]

Brilliant Web 2.0 presentation at Bloggers Indaba

I’ve been a lazy blogger. Bad blogger! bad, bad blogger! Yesterday, Vincent Maher raised the bar with an unbelievable presentation (Needs Flash) at the Bloggers indaba in Grahamstown on Web 2.0 on Thursday. We all remember Lawrence Lessig’s brilliant presentation delivered at the launch of Creative Commons in Johannesburg last year, which raised the bar […]

Web 2.0 terms for your next meeting

Here’s a few Web 2.0 terms to make me sound clever from Bullshit 2.0 generator (as mentioned by Ian Gillfillian at the Bloggers Indaba in Grahamstown). Try at least one or two of these phrases per meeting, to make yourself sound like THE MAN: engage rss-capable ecologies; reinvent long-tail weblogs; tag podcasting podcasts; integrate citizen-media weblogs; share authentic […]

@ bloggers conference in Grahamstown

I’m off to the Digital Citizen’s Indaba on Blogging in Grahamstown. I’ll be there the next two days and will blog the conference here, from there. My 3G card does not like my laptop anymore, so it may be difficult doing it via the GPRS setting. Once you have tasted the sweet taste of superfast HSDPA […]

Highway Africa, a crit from afar

It’s the first time in a long time that I haven’t been at the Highway Africa conference but I watched the award ceremonies on SABC Africa lastnight. It’s brilliant that this part of the conference is being aired on TV. The set, camera work and general production was world class and Yvonne Chaka Chaka was excellent — […]


I digress. Now everyone who’s been to our house know that we have the faultiest, craziest dog known to man. Edie is adoreable but has way too much excess energy. This apparently is common to the Weimaraner breed. So I guess its extra bad luck if your energetic, A-type Weimaraner has an energetic, A-type personality to […]

Geek out

Had new media gurus Vincent Maher and Colin Daniels over for supper at our place in Linden on Sunday Night who were up from Rhodes in Grahamstown with a posse of new media students for a project with Johnnic. Was quite a geekfest, these guys are geniuses, moblogging straight to their blogs, checking out text […]

We're going downtown

We’re staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in downtown New York in a Manhattan suburb called Tribeca (bordered by Soho and Greenwich Village). It’s one of the suburbs close to the 9/11 WTC attack, which has suffered in recent years, but now appears to be undergoing a revival. Yesterday, despite being jetlagged, we did a trek […]

Google Earth upgrades South Africa images

I see Google Earth has upgraded its imaging for parts of South Africa. Previously we could only see Cape Town and parts of Pretoria with any clarity. Now we can see big chunks of Joburg and even some parts of Grahamstown with clarity similar to what you would see if viewing Manhattan etc etc….

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