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Information hierarchy: The news pyramid in the social media age

Credibility and trust are the key issues in today’s information(overload) age where news emanates from multiple sources, including sources other than journalists. More so than ever, news is also real-time and unrelenting: there’s lots of it. Here, below, I created this pyramid which helps demonstrate news hierarchy and flow in the social media age. It […]

Future media, Future net, Future mobile: 2010 and beyond

Here is a presentation/prezi I delivered for Jeremy Maggs’ The Annual Conference in Johannesburg last week. It has a 2010 theme: Both in terms of the FIFA Football World Cup and what the web landscape could look like in 2010. I cheated a bit and looked beyond 2010. At the end I included some random […]

Media? What's that?

There is so much confusion on the future of media, journalism and news — demonstrated with utmost clarity (or lack thereof) here in a Spiegel interview with Chris Anderson, Wired editor and respected author of the Long Tail. In a fairly grumpy interview, Anderson himself seems to get confused — at first refusing to use […]

You can't wrap fish & chips in pixels

This is the second Prezi presentation I’ve done, first introduced to me by Phil Barrett of Flow Interactive via a post on Life Hacker. This one was for Th!nkFest at the National Arts Festival. I owe the title (or is it that I owe him one?) to Tony Lankester, the Festival CEO. It’s a look […]

A collection of quality articles on the future of journalism and media

Some good reads on the future of journalism and media: News Flash From the Future: What Will Journalism Look Like? Can Computer Nerds Save Journalism? The State of the Media: Not Good Don’t Let Yellow Press Standards Define the Future of Journalism The way we’ll work How to save your newspaper How Social Media is […]