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Demise of the newspaper greatly exaggerated

At the World Association of Newspaper’s conference in Cape Town, Anton Harber on journalism.co.za writes that it is “Not all doom and gloom from newspapers”. Negative perceptions of the future of newspapers were challenged by a barrage of figures by Timothy Balding, CEO of the World Association of Newspapers, where he says: Newspapers in developing […]

Australia, not South Africa, the leading country for burglaries

And the leading country for burglaries in the world is… Not South Africa. It’s Australia. Even New Zealand appears before South Africa. See Nationmaster.com. The statistics site appears to be credible and authoritative, with reviews from the BBC and NY Times and others. Looks like Clyde Rathbone better emigrate back to Durban. Ok, but let’s […]

Every African politician and his blog

In the context of the We Media conference — I want to draw attention to a major blog innovation that took place in the South African online media. It happened a while ago — but I just wanted to highlight it again… it was something we did as the Mail & Guardian Online… read and tell me what you think…