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ZA Tech show: A local podcast worth listening to

Been meaning to write about this for a while now. The ZA Tech show, journalists “indulging in beer and opinion”, is fast turning out to be one of the country’s top podcasts. This week’s podcast, with Simon Dingle, Ben Kelly, Brett Haggard, Jon Tullett and Duncan McLeod, is particularly good. They have the hilarious David […]

Empirical findings at the Empire launch

Lastnight we hit The Saxon for the Empire magazine launch. It’s already three or four magazine’s old, but tonight was the launch. It’s the first time I have ever had to park outside the Saxon. That’s how full the party was. One doesn’t like to have to walk too much when doing the Saxon. It’s […]

South African journalists take to blogs

Chaos broke out on the South African blogosphere recently, and it was all caused by a journalist. Columnist David Bullard devoted not one, but two Sunday Times columns to hurling insults at bloggers, calling them “scrofulous nerds”, “narcissists”, and “wackos” whose blog sites are the “air guitars” of journalism. The affair was rather melodramatically dubbed […]

Bullard has a challenge on his hands (to stay interesting)

Must not blog about Bullard… must… resist… oh well. So the blog bully has started a blog. He’s funny. I laugh with him, I laugh at him. I think he needs to get some new punch lines though. (“To busy to blog because I’m driving my X5, Can’t blog cos popping off to the Riviera […]

The Quirky Bunch & the Master Baiter

Thought this witticism by Darren Ravens on the Quirk Marketing blog was clever: David Bullard: Master Baiter or just a Wanker?. Like Darren I also had that dirty, hollow feeling after each Bullard blog… and I strongly questioned at the time whether I should join the fray. And I stayed out of it until I […]

'Game on, says Bullard in blog war'

The Mail & Guardian Online, the publication which I work for, has inevitably picked up on the Bullardgate story and written what I think is a good piece on it. There has been such an overwhelming reaction from the blogosphere to the issue that I suppose it has now become news. It was written by […]

The Bullard blog charade

hmmmm… noticed this comment, supposedly by David Bullard, on Vincent’s blog. Got to admit it, my first reaction was that it seems almost contrived and over the top… doesn’t add up for me. Apology…..no chance. Just answer one question for me. Are you guys naturally stupid or do you have to get up early in […]

The Bullard cacophony

It is interesting to note that I first got wind of David Bullard’s column via the blogosphere as opposed to the Sunday Times website or the newspaper itself. The irony. Yes I know I am probably the last person in the blogosphere to blog about this, but I actually have a job! And I have […]