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Recording executives set to be the Dodos of the modern era

Read this scathing piece by Wired’s Tony Long on the recent activities of the now-notorious Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). They recently embarked on a crusade to sue 26,000 people who are downloading MP3s over the internet to “send a message”. It appears to be a desperate attempt to keep the last vestiges of […]

Soccer in NYC

Me watching soccer world cup final in a pub yesterday in Greenwich, Manhattan If New York is anything to go by, then Americans love soccer. The sport is much bigger than I expected it would be. In fact this world cup i suspect may have been something of a watershed for the sport here and […]

Cos she's an uptown girl

Sorry to inflict you with a picture of myself… but this is me outside Times Square Yeah… today, Tuesday, we headed off to midtown Manhattan towards the central park area. Central Park is huge — bigger than the “country” of Monaco. We drove past apartments owned by movie stars like Michael Douglas, Bruce Willis, Seinfeld […]

The thing about New York

Sign from a building, overlooking the Ground Zero site site. Democracy and free speech at work. What can I say: this place is amazing. This is Rome, Centre of the modern world. Wireless internet is plentiful, laptops are cheap. I’m loving my daily read of the New York Times. There are some big amazing buildings […]

We're going downtown

We’re staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in downtown New York in a Manhattan suburb called Tribeca (bordered by Soho and Greenwich Village). It’s one of the suburbs close to the 9/11 WTC attack, which has suffered in recent years, but now appears to be undergoing a revival. Yesterday, despite being jetlagged, we did a trek […]

Amoeba vs Goliath

Andrew Jones from Black Earth Communications did a presentation on his history in trying to secure a TV licence in South Africa and Botswana. He is a frustrated man. He laments the Multichoice Satellite monopoly and the fact that they refused to grant him a “black channel”.

Dotcom dating dollars

When the internet arrived, people screamed let’s make lots of money. This new, interactive medium had the ability to deliver content to audiences in innovative ways and make money at the same time. Content would suck readers in, went the theory, and communities would form around these content genres. E-commerce areas would then be built around relevant content and wham bam thank you Ram, your community interacts and you have dotcom dollars.