At the airport about to take off for our flight to New York. Am going to the US to participate in the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Programme where I will be on a panel talking about new media and online journalism and how the discipline of journalism is changing in general as the digital age gains momentum. The event is attended by top-performing university students from around the world including Europe, Japan and the US, and also including South African Universities (UCT, KZN etc) I am happy to note. I am on the panel with the Editor of the UK’s Guardian newspaper and Stephan Richter, Editor in Chief of the quality online magazine The Globalist. I spoke to Stephan yesterday and we have made a plan to link up somewhere in New York for supper before the event.

The trip is 70% holiday and 30% work, although my phone is on roaming and I have my laptop with me so I will probably end up doing quite a bit of work (although Bridge will probably stop me). We’ll be spending about two weeks in New York, do a couple of day trips and then fly down to Fort Lauderdale in Florida for three days to see a friend of mine Jason Stevens, who I know from Cape Town and Rhodes University days.

It’s nice to have Bridget here with me on a trip, because business travel — solo trips — is very overrated. I checked out one of the hotels we are staying at on Google Earth… Manhattan looks pretty amazing with the 3D buildings function on Google Earth turned on…see below…

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