On my way to New York

At the airport about to take off for our flight to New York. Am going to the US to participate in the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Programme where I will be on a panel talking about new media and online journalism and how the discipline of journalism is changing in general as the digital age gains momentum. The event is attended by top-performing university students from around the world including Europe, Japan and the US, and also including South African Universities (UCT, KZN etc) I am happy to note. I am on the panel with the Editor of the UK’s Guardian newspaper and Stephan Richter, Editor in Chief of the quality online magazine The Globalist. I spoke to Stephan yesterday and we have made a plan to link up somewhere in New York for supper before the event.

The trip is 70% holiday and 30% work, although my phone is on roaming and I have my laptop with me so I will probably end up doing quite a bit of work (although Bridge will probably stop me). We’ll be spending about two weeks in New York, do a couple of day trips and then fly down to Fort Lauderdale in Florida for three days to see a friend of mine Jason Stevens, who I know from Cape Town and Rhodes University days.

It’s nice to have Bridget here with me on a trip, because business travel — solo trips — is very overrated. I checked out one of the hotels we are staying at on Google Earth… Manhattan looks pretty amazing with the 3D buildings function on Google Earth turned on…see below…