This is the second Prezi presentation I’ve done, first introduced to me by Phil Barrett of Flow Interactive via a post on Life Hacker. This one was for Th!nkFest at the National Arts Festival. I owe the title (or is it that I owe him one?) to Tony Lankester, the Festival CEO. It’s a look at the future of media, with an Eastern Cape twist. It also delves into the world of augmented reality: the internet as a data layer over reality.

(There are quite a few image that need downloading. I’d start the presentation, then wait a while before you go through it. A fast connection is optimal. Navigate using arrows on bottom right).

3 Responses to “You can't wrap fish & chips in pixels”
  1. Really excellent stuff.
    Tx Bra Willy, totally got it.
    Don’t look at today to predict the future?

  2. I am battling with traditional media houses who have become pretenders to the online media throne. The most frustrating features is that they look at past stats to predict future media consumption. While this worked with traditional media, it does not work with new media, and they just do not get it!

    Thank you for a compelling article, presented in the most interesting way.

  3. What an incredible presentation !!Even without you doing the talk it’s easy to understand, looks great and I strongly agree with your future predictions.
    Great stuff dear chap !

    “The most successful people in this world have always been not necessarily the technology inventors but the people that understand the future use of the technology.”
    Chris Rawlinson 2am on a Thursday

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