On Google Trends I plotted the popularity of Tony Blair vs George Bush and Microsoft vs Google. Interesting to see that according to popularity by search term, that it appears Microsoft is in slow decline, and Google is soaring to new heights…. In the comparison of George Bush vs Tony Blair — I think the graph illustrates who is really running the show…

Do both of these examples mirror reality, do you think???

4 Responses to “Google vs Microsoft; Bush vs Blair”
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  3. i agree — i dont know how seriously we should take these? Just a bit of fun really….

  4. I would be very sceptical of accepting anything that G$$gle says is “the truth” or represents “reality”. It’s not like they’re a disinterested non-profit that only exists for the benefit of man-kind (as they like to claim).

    Even the data that Google Trend’s returns is questionable. It doesn’t make sense that the U.S is not in the Top 5 Regions for searches on Blair and Bush. This same agenda-setting is also seen when you try and put certain search words into Trends and it doesn’t compute because there isn’t “enough search volume to show graphs” (eg. citJ, citizen journalism).

    In my opinion this is their most useless “service” so far…

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