Where users are getting their information and who they trust?

Here’s a nice graph from the authoritative eMarketer. It’s a study from the US showing where users are getting their information. Interesting to see that 26% and 24% of users respectively are using social network and blog sites. Local newspapers feature highly at 63%, a slight increase from 2007, but down from 2006. Mobile media is bottom of the pile, but you’d expect that to shoot up — and perhaps be much higher in other countries (than compared to, say, the US).

Also interesting in these figures below (For US and Europe) is confirmation that users appear to trust information from friends (read: social networks) more than original news sources. Interesting one that, because the original source is generally news media itself.

On a trust scale, blogs generally sit bottom of the pile. I guess what this is missing, is which blog and who is the blogger? Unlike organised news media which share characteristics worldwide, it’s difficult to approach blogs in a homogeneous fashion. They’re just all so different.

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