Bumped into Dan Gillmor here, at Reuters at the We Media conference. Told him I loved his book. I did love his book. I mentioned Vincent Maher, a fellow South African media worker’s, rantings (yet well argued) about citizen journalism “being dead” — which Gillmor said he was aware of and diplomatically said that he appreciated the diverse opinions that challenge him and his ideas.

Last time I saw Gillmor was at the Highway Africa conference, before he had written his We Media book. He asked me how the Mail & Guardian Online was doing and I told him it was now at last a profitable entity contributing to the bottom line of the Mail & Guardian newspaper. I remember last time I saw him four years ago, we were searching for a business model via paid content etc etc — how things have changed.

Thank god. I was about to start busking in Rosebank for a living.

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