Every African politician and his blog

In the context of the We Media conference — I want to draw attention to a major blog innovation that took place in the South African online media. It happened a while ago — but I just wanted to highlight it again… it was something we did as the Mail & Guardian Online… read and tell me what you think…

Blogging the elections

The United Independent Front’s Malizole Diko barely had time to cut his
hair and shave before election day. Patricia de Lille, of the
Independent Democrats, is not a morning person and struggled to get out
of bed to hit the campaign trail. Inkatha Freedom Party leader
Mangosuthu Buthelezi was thrilled by supporters taking pictures of him
on their cellphones.
The Mail & Guardian Online has dragged politicians, in many cases
kicking and screaming, on to the web in search of voters. In what is
probably a first for South African media and politics, we asked them to
write a blog (an unedited online diary) about their last week of
The idea has apparently been tried before in Finland, where one
highlight had a politician telling voters he had used his dog’s shampoo
by mistake in the shower.
Almost everyone came to the party, except the African National Congress.
The blogs were put together by the M&G Online team in conjunction with
the New Media Lab of Rhodes University’s school of journalism and media

The blogs can be viewed at http://electionblogs.mg.co.za

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