Nitin Desai from UN wants a combined, killer new media and old media combination

Nitin Desai, Special Advisor to the Secretary General of the United Nations, had a few original words to say on the new wave of “We Media” sweeping the globe. He urged the conference in London to keep a keen eye on the developing world when looking at media. He says there will be a shift in world economy away from West to developing countries with the emergence of China and India where we will see media giants soon emerge from these countries.

He says that the key challenge – and this is the original part of what he said – is that we face a challenge in finding a business model that can combine the professionalism of the traditional, established media (fact checking; sources; trained journalists; ethics codes and training) with what we have on the web – the power of collaborative communities, citizen journalism, blogs and their collective intelligence. He’s right – bring these two aspects together and it will be a powerful content entity.

But we cannot merely be dependent on blogs; but nor is it sufficient to rely solely on traditional media – we need something that combines these two effectively. I don’t know – is there something out there that does that?