Big media houses are good for media development

Blogging the African Leadership Conference in Kenya, Nairobi

Nixon Karithii, head of media studies at Wits, is a man I have immense respect for. But why does he think big media houses and big media conglomerates are a bad thing. Sure we want diversity and many players in the market, but having big media houses does not exclude smaller players from rising up and challenging and even becoming big conglomerates in their own right. Big African media houses such as Kenya’s Nation Group and South Africa’s Media24 and Johnnic is where immense innovation, job creation and creativity is happening across all mediums: online and broadcast and the print media. Sure there are bad aspects to conglomerates, but I think the many positives that come out of these big media houses far outweigh the negatives. Why does Nixon only focus on one side of the debate, overemphasising the negatives and underemphasising the positives?