SA innovation to be seen through eyes of top bloggers

I published the list of top US bloggers a while back for a local tour out here. We’ll be doing an event in Cape Town. Will announce that soon. But for the moment, here is some more info on the tour:

Blogger tour
Travelling with the group will be two of South Africa best-known bloggers, Thoughtleader’s Ndumiso Ngcobo, author of “Some of My Best Friends are White”, and Nicholas Haralambous of, along with Simon Barber, the IMC’s US Country Manager, who blogs at

Armed with their laptops, cameras and digital recorders — and 3G wireless modems generously supplied by Vodacom to give them 24/7 access to the web – the bloggers will:

  • helicopter out to De Beers’ state of the art mining ship, Peace in Africa, off the west coast;
  • get a close look for South Africa’s green technology, including the Joule electric car and the Darling wind farm;
  • see the sun set over the Richtersveld;
  • descend 3.7 kilometres to the ore face at Anglogold Ashanti’s Tau Tona mine, the world’s deepest;
  • hike in the Magaliesberg with an innovative programme to rescue troubled youth;
  • overnight in Soweto to get a feel for its history and transformation;
  • visit Soccer City to get the latest on 2010;
  • drink a little wine with the folks from Stormhoek winery who pioneered the use of web-based social networks to be an internationally-respected brand;

As they go, the bloggers will be posting on their experiences and impressions in words, pictures, video and sound. Their posts will be aggregated at a special site, , and also available as an RSS feed. Photos will be posted to flickr, videos to YouTube and Zoopy.

Explaining the thinking behind the tour, IMC’s Barber said: “The beauty of the Internet, blogs and technologies like Facebook, YouTube, Zoopy and Twitter, is that everyone can now be a storyteller and, with a little luck and flair, have their story heard by millions.

“We’re going to be creating all kinds of great content on this tour. We hope our posts will generate tons of links from other blogs, Facebook pages and the like. We hope lots of people will not just watch our videos on YouTube and Zoopy but embed them, along with the tour’s RSS feed and flickr stream, on their own sites. That’s what we’re working to achieve.”

Emphasising the importance of user-generated-content, Barber continued: “If you’re in the market for almost any product or service these days, and you have an Internet connection, the net is your buyer’s guide. You don’t need to listen to sales pitches or succumb to slick ads. You go online and get recommendations from people your trust, other consumers, your peers. That’s the new reality for everyone in the marketing business.

“As the custodian of Brand South Africa, the International Marketing Council’s job is to see that South Africa’s story is told compellingly, convincingly and, above all – because you can neither compel nor convince otherwise – authentically.

“One way to do that is to empower South Africans to use the Internet to talk about the country they love and get themselves heard. Another is to amplify the voices of visitors when they record and share their overwhelmingly positive experiences here. Nothing beats a good third party endorsement.”

Barber cited the example of Kevin DeSouza, an assistant professor at the University of Washington’s School of Information, who spent a couple of months teaching at Wits earlier this year. Here’s a link to what he wrote in his blog when he left. As the comments at the bottom of the post show, it had an impact. Shirley Meyer wrote: “Very grateful for the review. I have wanted to visit for a while, but was too worried (nervous). I must buy my ticket now. Thanks a million.”

Renee is the CEO of Blodgett Communications and a Web 2.0 maketing ace. She recently won PRWeek’s best blog competition.

Note to inventors out there: Eliane’s reviews gadgets in six languages and has an enormous following, ranked 22nd among 93 million blogs by Nielsen’s Blogpulse. She is looking for uniquely South African consumer devices, computer applications and example of green technology.

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  1. Dolce wrote::

    Can I just say again; what an awesome idea!

    Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 3:38 pm #
  2. Brilliant 🙂

    Monday, November 24, 2008 at 10:48 am #
  3. Jono wrote::

    A really great initiative. I wonder if John Chow would’ve roughed it mzansi-style. Good luck with it Matthew, hopefully the first of more to come.

    Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 12:06 pm #
  4. Чёрт возьми! Круто!Вы Сами ответили.Беру в цитник! Смысл жизни и всё остальное. Решено.Без шуток.

    Friday, July 17, 2009 at 1:29 am #

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