Amoeba vs Goliath

Andrew Jones from Black Earth Communications did a presentation on his history in trying to secure a TV licence in South Africa and Botswana. He is a frustrated man. He laments the Multichoice Satellite monopoly and the fact that they refused to grant him a “black channel”. He also wants to create an HIV/Aids channel – which is admirable but if it’s on Satellite TV with its high LSMs…. I am not sure it will hit the spot. Why not start with an HIV/Aids programme on terrestrial channel etv or SABC rather than go for an entire channel. That would be a good way to start and then you can go forward. He is a n African American in South Africa and has a fairly romanticised, race-dominated view of South Africa and the continent, something he actually acknowledges of his peers – but not of himself. He is fairly outspoken and passionate. I would have liked a bit more fact, research and business model than passion, though. I’m not sure is he is a one-man band or a genuine challenger to the status quo?