The right media brand for the Youth in South Africa

Khalik Sherrif, Director YFM, South Africa was at the African leadership strategies conference in Kenya. One of the best, most passionate presentations I have ever seen. He talks about YFM’s success in getting the youth market by opening its studio, shop and offices in a glitzy mall (Rosebank) rather than a dull office. They opened the radio station where the Youth hang out in Johannesburg and that it mainly th malls (Khalik says he hates malls, but what else is there to do in beach-defunct Joburg). “Total strategy” is what he advocates to capture the youth – not just the radio station, but a magazine, hair salon, parties — wherever the youth is. I kind see now why YFM is such a successful brand, having someone like Khalik behind it.

(DISCLOSURE: I was a regular YFM listener up until about two years ago when I became boring and started to listen to 702. I do switch it every now and again).