Don’t you love it when the big boys cock it up.

(Dedicated to Riaan Wolmarans, erstwhile editor & sub at M&G Online)

4 Responses to “Bad spelling at the BBC”
  1. @Joy-Mari — yeah he’s taking up a job with the FT in London.

    @Bobby Cox — yeah have spotted many more, but this was biggest I’d seen. Not nearly as big as interviewing the cab driver a while back (that was BBC, Wasn’t it?)

    @Anne — subs just hold back the naturally evolutionary process of language. That’s why we should get rid of them :-)

  2. Riaan left M&G?

  3. Anne – I think you’ll find that the big boys employs squadrons of sub editors which makes it even more amusing.

    And Matthew – if that’s the first one you’ve spotted you’ve obviously not been watching hard enough!

  4. Ha! And it’s the big boys who think sub-editors are an unnecessary expense…

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