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What does a Google search say about a country?

Andy Higgins, MD of bidorbuy alerted me to this fascinating look at “Google Zeitgeist” — or a little less sensationally put, the top 10 searches in each country via Google. South Africa is there too — and what would you know one of our banks, ABSA, head up the search. In fact all four of the major banks are there, together with the obligatory “Paris Hilton” search. Vodacom makes it into the list, MTN does not. Valentines day is naturally big as it is the February top 10. Be interesting to see what March heralds. I see “Chuck Norris” makes an appearance at number 3 for Poland. I have no doubt that “Sex” and other risque words are the real top keyword searches — but this has obviously been cleaned up by Google.

GOOGLE South Africa – Popular Queries: February 2006
paris hilton
standard bank
jessica alba
50 cent
valentines day

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