Have to say: Loving local SA music at the moment. Here’s another special piece by aKING, a relatively new band formed from the old Fokofpolisiekar. They’re going for a more mainstream sound, I guess. It’s not a bad music video either… set in Cape Town, Sea Point I think? The deep vocals from Laudo Liebenberg, together with a higher duet, give it a unique sound. Listen to the words too. Awesome.

6 Responses to “aKING: Safe as Houses”
  1. They are so awesome, wish they were playing at Lucky Fish…

  2. Yeah agree with you guys… the Lark video (going GI in that futuristic complex) is still one of the best for me; and the new Dirty Skirts is also very interesting.

  3. Top class music Matt, great call.

    These dudes are incredible. The originators of Fokofpolisiekar (sp) are unmistakable and brilliant in AKing!

    Great find.

  4. Yeah I’m loving aKing at the moment, actually watched this video a number of times yesterday – it’s that good.

  5. I love A.King! and I agree with Stii!

  6. Oh wow! Never took you for a FPK fan! 😉 Seriously, I agree. SA Music is looking damn good atm.

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