Talking internet, incubators and social media with Ruben Goldberg

Ruben Goldberg, former 5fm presenter, is a classic guy. He’s always been a classic guy, but he’s now hosting a new internet show on Classic FM, called “The internet economy”. It’s worth a listen, online via the podcast or the classic way, on your wireless.

Former 5FM Station Manager Nick Grubb is now the head of new media at Classic FM — and it looks like both he and Ruben are doing great things at the station, which includes a new web strategy and strong internet push to extend the station’s brand presence. Keep an eye on them over the next few months…

During the interview, a few bloggers and social media commentators, including Gino Cosme and Mario Olckers were interviewed. Mario was interviewed about his rather fatalistic post “Why Social Media Will Fail in South Africa“. I hear what Mario is saying, but I’m not sure I share his pessimism.

Ruben also interviewed myself and Jeff Fletcher about the SA internet in general and Internet Solutions’ new incubator, “IS Labs“, which Jeff heads up. IS Labs is a positive development for local internet entrepreneurs looking to take their ideas and online businesses to the next level. It’s also a positive development for Internet Solutions as it positions the company quite nicely in the realm of innovation and at the same time allows them to grow the web — good news for an ISP. It’s great to see this renewed energy and profile by Internet Solutions — long regarded as an early innovator, since it was launched years back by Ronnie Apteker.

During the show I pitched my own idea for a new online business: a niche social/business network for golfers. Jeff seemed to like it. I’m going to be rich! I’m going to be famous!

Give “The internet economy” a listen here.

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  1. Barbs wrote::

    Just listened to the podcast – very interesting… Definitely agree with your point made near the end that social networks are going niche. Whilst FB and MySpace will retain a strong core group of users, SNS that can provide a convenient and productive solution to our daily (and local) needs, will be the ones that stimulate economic growth for our own country.

    Thanks for the post – good pointer to Classic FM’s Internet Economy host show

    Monday, August 18, 2008 at 2:32 pm #
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