It’s probably been the worst kept secret in the industry, but now that it is out on Bizcommunity there is no point in not going public.

I can confirm that after 8 years I am leaving the Mail & Guardian Online to pursue another opportunity. I feel that I’m leaving on a high note, with the business in excellent shape and the new website and CMS developed and launched. It’s been an emotional process for me as I am entertwined with the brand and have quite a bit of loyalty to it and respect for the M&G Exco (Trevor Ncube, Ferial Haffajee, Hoosain Karjieker, Anastacia Martin, Mendo Letlape), who I consider to be some of the leading media minds in the country.

Eight years is a long time for any online person, who are accustomed to job hopping every two years (!) , but the Mail & Guardian has been such a great place to work in that it has been difficult for me to think about going anywhere else. There is an entrepreneurial, innovative flair here that you do not see in many other businesses.

In recent years we have launched 11 new websites and online businesses (including Thought Leader, Tech Leader, Sports Leader, amatomu,,, newsinphotos), 7 new mobile sites, and redesigned and relaunched the M&G Online with a brand-new CMS. The site’s traffic has grown 9-fold in the last 6 years and online revenues have grown 21-fold. We grew the online department from 2 people to 17 people, keeping it at break even or profitable most of the time, which is no easy task.

It’s been the best 8 years of my life and the online business will continue to grow and thrive, especially with the strong managers in the department which include our online sales manager Bryan Khumalo and online editor Riaan Wolmarans and the new talent we have brought onboard, including the young Nic Haralambous. It also means the company is advertising for a new GM — if you think you have what it takes, then get hold of me.

Coincidentally my partner in crime, Vincent Maher, is also departing for another opportunity — and I can’t begin to express how great is has been to work with a person who I consider to be one of the most brilliant minds in the online industry.

So, this then, is an excuse for a piss up — and if you are up for a party — please join us @ Capitol, in Rosebank on Friday (cnr Keyes ave & Tyrwhitt ave, ph: 011 880 0033) from 5pm onwards. You’re invited.

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  1. Thanks Matthew for all the insights into new media technology, my favorite read, the M and G is now much more user friend, wish u well in your new adventure

  2. To @everyone — Thanks everyone for the well wishes and messages of support re: the move on this here blog. Much appreciated! Matt

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  4. Congrats see you in the mother city…

  5. Nice one Matt. Look forward to working with you. And good luck with the birth of the little one next month. presume you are going to arrive a little frazzled :)

  6. Congrats and hope to see you at the Mother soon.

  7. Great stuff Matt, hope to see lots more of yourself and family down here in the Cape!


  8. Hi Matt! Good for you, and for! Warmest, Ruda

  9. So excited you’re moving, I can hardly breathe.

  10. Phew it’s all happening. Congratulations Matt and, yes, it will be good to have you down here. Amongst your many other achievements at M&G you also launched the podcast, of course. Thanks for doing that, too.

  11. Congrats man!

  12. Congrats Mate – Look forward to working with you.

  13. So what are you going to be doing over at Or do we all have to wait in suspense….

  14. Man, M&G must be a little worried… congrats though, and good luck!

  15. congrats and welcome to the most digitally advanced online media house –!

  16. hallo julia. nice one son.

  17. Good luck Matt.’s going to be quite a cultural change. Hope you whoever fills your shoes has really big…feet. What about that fella ..Bolton Deventer? Word on the street is he’s looking for a job.

  18. How exciting for Naspers! Lots of toys to play with there neh! All the best.

  19. Congrats, dude. Glad you finally made a decision! :-) I’m sure you’ll have a jol down in the Visdorp. I am envious.

  20. Great stuff Matt! Will be good to have you down in iKaapa!

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  22. Congrats Matt. Best of luck. I want the skinny at squash on Thursday :-)

  23. Brilliant news Matt, and an excellent decision to move to SA’s real capital city :) All the best!

  24. Wow, the end of an era. Best of luck for new beginnings!

  25. oops just posted this on the wrong blog- that’s what too much coffee does to you
    welcome back to CT, will be seeing you around in the building by the looks of things 😉

  26. Congrats, sure you wont regret the move.

  27. Congratulations Matthew.
    A legacy of note … and a trendsetting, smashing platform for the future.
    A with Vincent, I will be keeping an eye on what’s happening in the space …
    Good luck, and all the best.

  28. Welcome aboard!

  29. Sweet, congrats :)

  30. Congratulations, Matt! I’m sure you will do wonderfully at 24 too :)

  31. Mazeltov! All the best with the new position (now what exactly is it??? *dead cat meow*)!

    See you Friday :)

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  33. […] the local blogosphere and social networking in South Africa a very exciting place to be, sources confirm that GM Matthew Buckland and strategist Vincent Maher are both leaving the Mail & Guardian […]

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