While at the Park Lane Hospital this afternoon, I bumped into Nelson Mandela and Graca Machel and their entourage. The lady next to me saw the expression on my face and just said to me: “Yes, that’s him”. In less than a minute, a crowd of citizen paparazzi had developed around the former South African president, all snapping on their cellphone cameras. Excuse the poor quality of the pics (below). My mobile phone camera is not terribly good. More pics here. (This is the genuine article, not an April Fools Day Joke).

4 Responses to “This afternoon, I bumped into Nelson Mandela”
  1. …. have to say it was awesome to be in his presence. He looked healthy enough — was walking by himself, with a bit of assistance.

  2. Dude that’s super!

    Bit sad that you had to see him at the hospital – in a sad sort of way it’s a reminder that he’s not getting any younger…

  3. that is simply cool

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