In case you don’t know, there’s a blogger, media and digital citizen gathering in Joburg on Saturday evening. Bloggerati Cape Town at the Long Street Cafe went down well, so we decided to do a Joburg one. It’s a relaxed get-together of geeks to network and have a good time… Stormhoek are providing some wine and there will be some catering. But also bring your own booze and snacks if you plan to go large, or you are a large person. An open fire will also be provided. If you’re in the mood and in the zone, the Facebook event is here.

Some early coverage here and here.

4 Responses to “Bloggerati Joburg”
  1. Hey, so I didn’t make it on Saturday – I was in PTA all weekend, I was supposed to attend two parties there – which I subsequently missed as well…wait, this isn’t my blog, this is a comment box – I WILL ATTEND THE NEXT ONE.

  2. […] Saturday night went out with friends – instead of Shawnes B-day party or Bloggerati. […]

  3. And an excellent jol it was! Thanks, Matt!

  4. Stormhoek? Then perhaps I don’t need to buy more wine since I ended up opening what I’d bought last night after a really long day at work…

    Note to self: put the darn 2GB microSD card in the beloved Nokia 6234 now for excessive picture taking tomorrow night!

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