A newly formed website umbrella body, Website Association of South Africa (WASA), has launched a brand-new web metrics and rankings system for the country. So far it consists of 97 sites and about 20 publishers. At first glance, WASA’s stats appear to be overwhelmingly taken from the Online Publishers Association (OPA) Nielsen//Netratings rankings and a few other sites in the country, namely MyAdsl and Bidorbuy, who are using Google Analytics. Google analytics seems to be the benchmark currency for the new system.

The main analytics system up till now has been that of the OPA, which is a non-profit body, which runs its stats with Nielsen//Netratings. The OPA consists mainly of the country’s commercial online publishers, who sell online advertising as their primary revenue streams. It looks like WASA is aiming to provide rankings and stats for a broader base of websites, which include e-commerce sites, corporate/company sites and also blogs, which is a good thing, and there is a need for it in the market.

WASA says it was “formed to provide a platform for South African websites to publish their statistics and demographics. The aim of WASA is to provide a link between websites and interested industry players like advertising agencies and marketing companies.”

The people behind the new initiative include Bid or Buy’s Andy Higgins and Rudolph Muller from Mybroadband.


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  3. I think this is great news, though they face some interesting challenges!

  4. Well! That idea was quick-to-market Mr Buckland. I will be finding out more and, should all go well, recommend to both OPA and non-OPA publishers we service to support it.

  5. First off, nice post Matt and thanks for the no-nonsense writeup!

    Secondly, Superchick, I would be interested in hearing what you didn’t like about the registration on WASA?

    Constructive feedback would be excellent and we’re more than willing to incorporate good suggestions into the design!

  6. I don’t think it will. Amatomu is slow and very big. Afrigator covers all of Africa and it’s easy to get lost. More aggregators means we can have categories such as “fashion”, “food”, “politics”, et cetera.

  7. MORE blogging aggregators? I think the two we have are doing quite nicely. More just dilutes…

  8. Um. I played around with it now, and it is a very cumbersome registration process.

    They should perhaps simplify it.

  9. Great news! We need more of these. That and more SA based blogging aggregators.

  10. Just the Neotel guys digging trenches right past my house so this broadband/internet story is about the get a whole lot more “problematic”!

    Matt, I share your sentiment on the power shift that is coming to the mobile industry. Forward thinking cellphone networks like 3 Mobile in the UK are already embracing Skype for VOIP and producing their own handsets for it in anticipation for the changes coming. This phone is however limited to wifi spots so WiMax will really catapult the system. A few years from now (and maybe a few more for SA) all phone calls will be free i reckon thanks to VOIP

  11. I wouldn’t describe the internet as “problematic” — but yeah broadband is only now starting to take hold here, and it could be faster, cheaper and there are issues with capping. Having said that the market is purportedly around double the size of that of a country like Ireland, same size as Norway…

    Wimax on cellphones is interesting… as users can bypass cellphone networks and use voice over IP etc… then cellphone network providers will become less relevant and power will shift to the handset makers… I guess its why some networks are frantically investing in ISP companies and positioning themselves to be ISPs…

  12. So Matt:
    What about the technology that allows you to do your work. Isn’t internet in SA problematic? It seems to be my Mom’s excuse all the time :) Any word on the impact of WiMAX? Just read an article about WiMAX coming to cell phones, and thought it may impact your mobile media world … do you know?

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