bolton deventerSo Bolton Deventer, the spoof online marketer, has entered the upcoming local blog awards. The rather odd-looking Deventer, who runs the blog “Webtrafficmaker” is a fictional character, a clever and funny parody of an internet marketer from Ermelo, apparently created as a “major social experiment“. An entire persona was created, which included profiles on Facebook and Mybloglog, which sparked speculation across the blogosphere at the time.

Now, Bolton’s latest post claims that should he win an SA blog award, Bolton/The Creator-behind-Bolton will pitch up to claim it, ultimately revealing his true identity. But for now his identity is still shrouded in mystery… but I have my theories as to whom it may be.

(Thanks to Rob Stokes from Quirk, who alerted me to the post… and, then, accused me of being Bolton. Not guilty!)

18 Responses to “Bolton Deventer 'reveal' to spice up local blog awards?”
  1. Matt, I’ll see your plank and rusty nail, and I’ll raise you my Best of Bless Bridges record.. Beat that!!

    Richard, see my comment to Matt about my Bless Bridges record.. But that’s on condition that only man one is left standing..


  2. Gary I’ll see your R100 and raise you a plank with a rusty nail in it

  3. For R100, I won’t even break a nail.

    Get serious and think white.

  4. Dude, I don’t even know you, but I’m in for R100.


  5. So if Catto= Bolton, then Catto will hit himself with a big stick. Yes, I’d pay to see that.

  6. ha ha ha, good point 😉

  7. What if Bolton is me?

  8. Richard, what happens if Bolton turns out to be one of your closest friends?

  9. Hahahahahaha @ Catto

  10. why the violence?

    It is necessary.

    Forget free and fair elections here, here is some voter intimidation:

    anyone who votes for Bolton shall get the crap beaten out of them too.

    There’s no international monitors here, it’s just you and me, and my big stick.

  11. Catto – I’m with Matt, why the violence. I know I’m getting taken for a ride, have come to terms with it, let him win something, it’ll be a laugh!

  12. Bolton is a liar and a fraud.

    This is just yet another opportunity for him to take his charade to a new level.

    Get people to vote his blog as the most controversial, gain the satisfaction of manipulating us further, and then renege on his promise, and show us all his arse (again).

    If Bolton was going to reveal himself, he would have done it already.

    If he dares to show himself, I suggest everyone beat the crap out of him, prize or no prize.

  13. @ Nic…. it aint!

    @Justin… yeah i thought you were for a while, but i know ure not…

    @ Gary: LOL

    @ Catto: why the violence?

  14. Bolton is an asshole.

    If he wins and he reveals himself, I will punch him in the nose.

  15. Would make for a really interesting competition – something along the lines of “The Fugitive”.

  16. Let us not forget about how he also accuses me of being Bolton… I might even go to CPT for the event just to see who this person is.

    Bolton’s getting my vote for sure!!!

  17. Matt – It’s you, C’mon dude, we all know it, you are the only one still blogging and everytime we have lunch you accuse me or Vin of being Bolton…

    C’mon….say it….

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