If you’re in Cape Town, join Vincent Maher and myself on Thursday, January 31 after 9pm till late at the Long Street Cafe.

We’re having a casual drink with some bloggers, friends and other geek types. It will be late. There’s also a vicious rumour doing the rounds that the Stormhoek guys will be there, with wine. Here is the Facebook event. And don’t ask about the sicko picture (it’s a Vincent thing).

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  1. Seroquel xr….

    Seroquel xr….

  2. […] If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.Thanks for visiting!In case you don’t know, there’s a blogger, media and digital citizen gathering in Joburg on Saturday evening. Bloggerati Cape Town at the Long Street Cafe went down well, so we decided to do a Joburg one. It’s a relaxed get-together of geeks to network and have a good time… Stormhoek are providing some wine and there will be some catering. But also bring your own booze and snacks if you plan to go large, or you are a large person. An open fire will also be provided. If you’re in the mood and in the zone, the Facebook event is here. […]

  3. […] Bloggerati Cape Town […]

  4. […] Basically, Chris gave me a heads up about the Bloggerati get-together last night, which turned out to be a seriously cool time. I finally got to meet Charl from Zooped Up (after a few years of knowing him online, as it is), plus I also met Jason Bagley, and Rafiq, Tristan, that cheeky photographer Brandon, and a few others. I did not meet the big dudes Vincent Maher or Mathew Buckland, who are actually the Bloggerati originators, but I had loads of fun. […]

  5. Hey Matt, please won’t you update us if you come across any links to sites with photographs from last night, I’ve had a quick look, but have not been successful..

  6. yeah pity about the clash :-(…its the only night we’re in town… this is the geek party after dinner then… look forward to seeing you!

  7. […] Tomorrow, Thursday 31st Jan, sees the day that a mass of geeky, and not so geeky, bloggers take over Long Street Cafe in true geek style under the code name Bloggerati. The event, started by Matthew Buckland and Vincent Maher, promises to be an interesting evening, with over 40 confirmed guests already according to the Facebook Event page. […]

  8. Look forward to meeting everyone :)

  9. it’s gonna be awesome!, coz after that,
    im going to a club till it drops!
    looking forward to Cape town bloggerati!!
    Yeaah ssir!!

  10. It kinda sucks that there are two time-competing events for roughly the same audience – the GeekDinner is at Sloppy Sam’s tomorrow in Greenpoint from 7pm. Wish your trip had been publicised better – will see if I can make it through after the GeekDinner.

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