Ten more web trends for the future

The good folks at Read/Write Web (still my most favourite website) had such an outrageous response to their first post on “10 web trends for the future“, that they have come up with ten more — or rather their users have come up with ten more. Some are obvious omissions (hyperlocal) others are a little on the obscure side (“Blog reading automatically input into our brain”), but never the less interesting.

1. Integration into everyday devices
2. Hyperlocal
3. Data retrievel/manipulation agents
4. Read/Write/Request Web (a.k.a. a “living machine agent”)
5. User-controlled, open Internet Identity
6. New forms of Internet Interaction
7. Extended Reality
8. Expert Systems
9. Personalized Medicine
10. “Blog reading automatically input into our brain” – hmmmm

For further explanation, visit the post on RWW!