Rugby hell!!!

This is funny. The New Zealand version of the well-known online Rugby Site, “Rugby Heaven” has changed its name to “Rugby Hell”. I guess that is what they are going through at the moment. Like most of the world I couldn’t believe they fluffed it and I was glad it was not us.

Rugby Hell

It must burn them that it was all because of a forward pass. They are kind of emotional and irrational down there on those islands in the middle of nowhere, so I better be careful what I say. They have a rather over the top piece about Jake White supposedly taking a “dig” at the All Blacks and Aussies. Richie McCaw’s shellshocked, flushed face at the post match presentation was sickening. You felt sorry for the guy. I kind of felt sorry for the All Blacks or the “ABs” as they tend to be known down there. I don’t think they deserved to lose. But it’s academic: They lost.

Next match? Australia meet New Zealand at Charles De Gaulle airport.

Viva Les Boks!