On the way back from Port Elizabeth to Jo’burg on Wednesday evening, I took this shot with my cellphone of a very disturbing looking wall panel inside the plane, right where I was sitting. A gaping hole in the plane wall is not good, especially at 1 000 feet in the air. My question of course was: How far does this extend through the rest of the fuselage or is it just cosmetic? A good question.

Hole in my Boeing

I was already convinced the flight was jinxed (Vincent Maher was supposed to be on the flight but was mistakenly not booked). And it didn’t stop there: As the plane was ascending, an automated announcement barked over the air: “Cabin crew, prepare for refueling”. (In mid air?) And then, as we landed everyone jumped at a sudden announcement: “Pull your masks down!”.

I’m religious now.

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  1. It was SAA

  2. Which airline was it?

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