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WAN: Is web 2.0 putting the ‘new’ in news? Where does Richard Sambrook, head of BBC Global News, get his news about web 2.0 and online developments? Not from his own British Broadcasting Corporation, but from his mates on Facebook.

Meetings of World’s Press Ends With Look Toward the Future. The 60th World Newspaper Congress, 14th World Editors Forum and Info Services Expo came to an end in Cape Town on Wednesday with an optimistic look toward the future of newspapers.

Cape Town: How a web 2.0 newspaper is born. Can you imagine that 40 000 people can work on one story for your newspaper? “Yes it is possible, we did it,” said Grzegorz Piechota, special projects editor of Gazeta Wyborcza in Poland, at the 14th World Editors Forum.

Journalists: Toads and pitbulls or creative masterminds? This conference is super awesome! Free Internet, free newspapers, free women. Free drinks, free lunch, FREE BREAKFAST!! Gosh these editors are free-loading dudes.

WAN: Millions of $$$ available for digital journalists Eric Newton is the director of journalism at the Knight Foundation. He wants to give you some money. A lot of money. Newton certainly woke up the sleepy final session of the World Editors Forum on bright ideas for newspapers by dashing into the crowd to hand out details of his scheme in a multitude of languages.

Videos from WAN Congress delegate dinner, Cape Town 2007 Two videos, courtesy of the team, from the delegate dinner at the opening of the 60th World Newspaper Congress in Cape Town.

Comments (4)

  1. anne wrote::

    hey matt – find the small detail of richard sambrook being on Facebook fascinating. it kind of explains what i was trying to say when i said i was disappointed that Ferial, your editor, was not on top of her game in terms of using technology and defering to you in her presentation. it’s Ferial and thus the paper who would benefit from her being au fait with tools like amatomu etc…
    and good to meet you too. even though i am really trying to get over not making it on to part 1 of interesting people….

    Friday, June 8, 2007 at 12:24 pm #
  2. matt wrote::

    hi anne …dont see it that way. online is a completely separate division of M&G, with it’s own editor and reporting structures… ie it does not report into the newspaper. The stuff i presented was pretty much out there. we hardly understand it ourselves. I don’t think what you say in the post is the impression other people had.

    so, not sure what you are on about.

    Friday, June 8, 2007 at 4:25 pm #
  3. Anne wrote::

    i hasten to add, matt, that i thought the presentation was interesting and thought everyone responded well to M&G’s new toys. i guess i am off topic here but thought that it was interesting that the editors who presented at the conference seemed pretty on top of their game, and that they found technology fascinating and necessary to aid their understanding of what they were doing. like sambrook on facebook.
    (and, i’m finding, most people are not sure what i’m on about. it must be grahamstown that’s doing that to me…!)

    Friday, June 8, 2007 at 5:52 pm #
  4. matt wrote::

    ok Anne, but what you are not seeing here is the way some media organisations are structured.

    For example, Mike Van N, is the Fairfax Online Editor-in-Chief, not the editor of the print publications (they never came). Why would you expect them to talk about the company’s social networking platforms? Likewise for the Guardian: The online editor and print editor are different people. They are separate specialities, with separate skillsets. Some organisations choose to combine, others keep separate, largely a reflection of the business environment. Gone are the days where the online operation was just the website of the print operation, now its an entire business unit on its own. Your comparison to Sambrook is a bad example because the BBC is a digital media company.

    So, for these reasons, I don’t agree with your criticism of Ferial and the M&G 🙂

    Saturday, June 9, 2007 at 8:16 am #

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