Interesting people at WAN, part 2

Following on from Part One…

Fabricio Altamirano & Eduardo Torres – the charming guys from El Diario de Hoy, the El Salvador online publication with 85-million page impressions. I know now that el Salvador has about eight million people, is about the size of Massachusetts, and the Republicans are in power with the Marxists in opposition. It’s a democracy, albeit a fragile one — but things are going ok there. They drink South African beer there thanks to the arrival of SABMiller. They have a big website which is also the domain name of their country Thanks for the lunch guys.

Professor Rosental Calmon Alves — from the University of Texas in Austin… who i had heard quite a bit about and eventually bumped into him briefly as the conference was ending in a passage.

Anne Taylor and Anthea Garman from Rhodes University, who kept Vincent and I entertained towards the end of the conference.

Judit Kazmer – President of the Hungarian Publishers Association and future head of Hungary 🙂

Jodi the charming fascist organiser at World Editors Forum who cut my powerpoint from 15 slides to seven. Well, I never!

Andre Wlodar — Vice president of Central National-Gottesman in New York, who was great to talk to and we will have to visit soon.

Diana Kachalova — Moj Rayon editor in chief, based in St Petersburg, Russia.

David Owen and Nikolay Malyrov — the sharp minds from Newspaperdirect
— nice to finally put faces to the emails. Pity we couldn’t chat more.

Boris Trupcevic of 24 Sata, based in Zagreb.

Guy Berger, Head of Journalism at Rhodes University… and my former professor.

The guys: Bryan, Geoff and Elan.

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  1. IrcMaidon wrote:: Hungary… Hmmm 🙂

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  2. matt wrote::

    amatomu el salvador

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