Online people dress better than print people
President Thabo Mbeki is a covert blogger
The deputy president makes long speeches and is not afraid to get inbetween 1600 delegates and their food
You can brush your hair with a fork
Gavin O’Reilly is Irish
Swedish people can’t dance, neither can journalists
Even though bloggers can’t spell, they are cooler than journalists
Print people think that online publishing is low quality, online people agree
Papyrus, like print, is making a come back
It’s integration, not convergence
You shouldn’t leave your brand-new camera on the bus
WiFi is out, 3G HSDPA is in
TV is dead
Linden dollars are in
Wits students are the hippest, most happening bloggers
Cape Town bloggers are (party) animals
Publishers love and hate Google, some love to hate Google
The Google guys are cool
Rob Jonas, from Google, is actually James Bond
El Salvador has a population of about 8-million. The republicans are in control and even though internet penetration there is 14%, they have some big websites
Sophie Brendell is a terrible barman
Jean Yves’s favourite LOR character is Frodo
It’s really ok to be a meglomaniac

6 Responses to “Lessons from WAN”
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  6. Some of these are very important lessons Matt, the learning of which should never be repeated. On the matter of Jean Yves, I think he would prefer to like Golem seeing as he defended the dude’s right not to be pickled or turned into poo so vehemently last night.

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