Arch Bishop Tutu hits SecondLife, 'The centre of web 2.0'

Adam Pasick is the bureau chief for Reuters in SecondLife, the virtual world that is taking the real world by storm.

I could whoop and wail about how amazing and innovative this is. It is unbelievable actually. Pasick showed us his Avatar and showed us the virtual Reuters headquarters island in the game, based on the layout of the real Reuters.

  • Second life is not a game. It’s a virtual community with its own economy, society and currency. It’s currency Linden dollars can be converted into real dollars. So this is not play, it’s business.
  • Reuters established a secondlife bureau because they wanted to reach out to a tech savvy audience that use the game.
  • Other media groups such as the Axel-Springer group publish a tabloid in the game called “the Avatar”, presumably about SecondLife news and a bit of the real world stuff. I’m assuming they sell the newspaper in Secondlife — so they make money from it.
  • For South Africans — Adam created an Avatar for Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu and interviewed him (well, his Avatar) in Second Life…avatar to avatar.
  • In French politics recently, politicans got involved in Second Life and created islands in the game from which they campaigned and lobbied support.
  • The Economist called Second Life “the centre of web 2.0. This will become as common as email or web surfing.”
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