WAN LINKS: Media profitability, online content quality & media freedom

The 3 keys to media profitability in the 21st century A US executive says three words have led his newspaper company to success That has exceeded wildest expectations – fragmentation, interactivity and accountability.

Defining editorial quality in the digital age The quality of print is currently better than online, editors agreed in a panel discussion at the 14th World Editors Forum Editors of South Africa’s Editors Forum on the challenges of quality editorial in the digital age.

Lack of Press Freedom Inhibits African Development “The daily persecution and harassment of the free press must cease. But press freedom must also be much higher on the agenda of African development proposals and programmes.”

O’Reilly calls on Mbeki to act on Zimbabwe President of the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) Gavin O’Reilly asked South African president Thabo Mbeki to urgently deal with violations of press freedom in Zimbabwe.