Cape Town beckons for the WAN conference

At the airport with Riaan Wolmarans, Mail & Guardian Online editor and Bryan Khumalo, our online sales manager. Our online strategist Vincent Maher and his entourage are nowhere to be seen yet (better hurry :-)). We’re on our way to the WAN conference in Cape Town.

It’s a pretty big, and important conference — and it’s quite a scoop that South Africa got to host this year’s conference. President Thabo Mbeki will be speaking there and I believe Nelson Mandela will be there too. The conference will host over 1 600 delegates, I believe. I wish they would consider changing the name of the event for the future, ie: make it broader than “newspapers” — which it actually is if you consider where many of the delegates are from. For example, Yahoo! and Google are here, to name a few non-newspapers, at the conference. At Moscow’s conference last year — Jimmy Wales spoke about Wikipedia… so my point is that it certainly has become broader than newspapers — but represents all forms of publishing. The WAP? World Association of Publishers? (Not that horrible 90s word again, please).

I’ll be blogging about it here as we go along. Riaan will be reporting on it for the M&G Online. I’ll also be chairing the digital round table event, which will include a speaker from Google, Deputy CEO of Telenor Brodcast in Norway, a newspaper GM of Media24 and Executive Director of Media management of Northwest University in the US whose presentation is entitled, “News from Yahoo”.

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