This evening, to my great irritation, a little message kept popping up on my screen. I looked down and there was my baby daughter giving the USB cord for my phone, which was still plugged into my laptop, a great big suck. As you can imagine, I whipped it out of her hands at the speed of light. So it looks like she managed to connect with my computer, but it didn’t quite recognise her as a device. Eish. Big Eish.

7 Responses to “My daughter tried to upload herself”
  1. Ray, do you think this will be a generational thing? When will Nugget start blogging?

  2. Hahaha too funny.

  3. Is she blogging yet?

  4. This is so friggen funny… i have a daughter too and the things they try to do… just hilarious really!

  5. Nic — the USB plug was in good shape except for some left over pear fragment jammed into the slot.

    Justin — ammo for later… :-)

  6. LOL Matt… this is one for the story books mate! 😉

  7. That is just too funny!!! I can only imagine what the cable looked like afterwards. I wonder what would’ve happened if it actually found a USB device connected???

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