I’ve had a good run. It’s been three years, but finally the winter got me. A combine harvester just drove through my throat, attached a trailer, then drove back out again. What this means, is that

are my friend.

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  2. Acomplia….

    Acomplia. Rimonabant acomplia blog….

  3. Innovation of the highest order! What next? David Bullard starting a blog???

  4. Just downloaded a Strepsil with Firewire connection and it worked! I’m not lying.

  5. If you have a sore throat, apart from using the Strepsils, I would recommend you try some energy therapy for it.

    Also, if this is a sore throat that you regularly get then there could be ‘something’ behind the sore throat and energy therapy such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can help very much with this – no drugs (or strepsils) involved, just some chatting with an EFT therapist. You can also learn how to do EFT yourself – so you don’t have to wait to visit a therapist if an incident comes up from which you need relief.

    See the links below for more information:


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