I liked Bullard’s eloquent reply on Sunday. I thought it was a hoot. I’ve said before that there is a strong baiting element to Bullard’s excellent columns. In fact every week there is a strong sarcastic and satirical edge to his writing. And just about the silliest thing a blogger can do is reply with righteous indignation and call for his head.

After some early technical hiccups, I’m glad to see he has a real blog now, which was better than the previous charade of a blog. As the new Times’ boss Ray Hartley points out, the blog has revealed more than just Bullard’s blog but a new Times url. It also has revealed a new blog platform strategy of theirs — in all likelihood adapted from wordpress.com or Lyceum (you can tell by viewing the source). But where’s your blogroll, Mr Bully Bullard???

Note to self: Dirty, dirty. Must bath.

2 Responses to “The funny Bullard riposte”
  1. yeah, i think you are right.

  2. I was wondering about the platform they are using. It looks a lot like WordPress if you look at the url.

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