Thought this witticism by Darren Ravens on the Quirk Marketing blog was clever: David Bullard: Master Baiter or just a Wanker?.

Like Darren I also had that dirty, hollow feeling after each Bullard blog… and I strongly questioned at the time whether I should join the fray. And I stayed out of it until I could no longer. I reasoned with myself: Just how do you ignore the story when the blogosphere is up in flames and especially when it’s (supposedly) one of those classic journalists vs the bloggers tiffs. I don’t know.

In his articulate post Darren reckons this is what we have learned from the Bullard-“gate” saga:

  • Being a prat and insulting a large group of people can generate online buzz
  • This strategy works exceptionally well when the target offended happens to include members of the linkerati
  • Some of the best link bait is created by accident
  • Bloggers take themselves too seriously and are far too easily riled up
  • Once riled up, bloggers tend to miss the point
  • Newspaper columnry is largely monologuous, making it different from (and less accountable than?) the conversational nature of blogging.
  • Being able to hold a job for 13 years is not always an indicator of how good you are at it.
  • Read Darren’s full post here.

    8 Responses to “The Quirky Bunch & the Master Baiter”
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      Purchase plavix….

    2. Thanks for the kudos Matt.

      It was all I could do to stop myself from writing another post on the subject today. Luckily, the Stephen Colbert linkbomb saga distracted me long enough…and gave me an idea.

      If *that* name still looms large on SA blogoshpere meme cloud come next week it may be time to initiate a linkbombing campaign, or maybe hand out a lesson in ORM ala Santorum 😉

    3. A succinct summing up, indeed.

      David’s strategy of flinging mud to see what sticks is fun, but a bit limited in scope. Still, in some respects, it’s good to see the pot stirred from time to time. It prevents too much navel-gazing in the ‘sphere.

    4. […] Note to self: Dirty, dirty. Must bath. […]

    5. Yeah ian — and at the most fundamental level, he doesn’t understand what a blog is, thinking that “all blogs = journalism”. It’s like saying “telephones = journalism”… they are just mediums to enable communication, whether they are used for journalism or not is another question entirely.

    6. I may be missing something here, but I don’t understand why bloggers have got so up in arms with Bullard’s comments. In his ignorance, Bullard basically implies that bloggers are substandard journalists, but that is not what a blogger is… a blogger is an online diarist, not a wannabe journalist. If the standard of the citizen journalism on, say, was crap then Bullard may have a reason to rant (not that he ever needs one), but to link blogging with serious journalism is spurious at best. Why do the bloggers even care what an old anachronistic journalist thinks about them anyway? He is yesterday’s news.

    7. yep, Bullard is loving it

    8. Good summary, to which I would add one more point:

      Getting enough bloggers riled up to get your name in bold in tag clouds is the chain letter writer’s dream.

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