Hmmmm… so it looks like and local web 2.0 innovation got a great write-up in this week’s (April 19) Finweek in an article entitled, “SA Wakes up to Web 2.0″. Myself and Vincent are interviewed by Ben Kelly looking our cheesy selves in our Amatomu threads.

They’ve specifically opened the article up (usually behind a paid content firewall) specifically because it is a blogger-centric article (they’ll know they’ll get links), which you can read here on Fin24, or see a PDF of the article.

They also chat to Mike Stopforth of Cerebra and Afrigator and Jason Elk of Zoopy on the state of web 2.0 and innovation in this country.

5 Responses to “ reviewed in Finweek”
  1. […] – We had a quick but worthy mention in this week’s Finweek magazine. The Amatomu guys hogged the visuals but we can’t complain when you’re sharing the spotlight with Matt, Vincent and Mike. […]

  2. complete dweebs.

  3. We look like dweebs in that pics LOL

  4. A certain other blog aggregator cops a mention in the article too :-)

  5. Lucky bastards… :)

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