Ray Hartley — the editor of the highly-anticipated new Sunday Times daily The Times — has started a new blog that is tracking the newspaper’s progress. On the blog he reveals pictures of the new title including the masthead, basic layout and discussion around some of the newspaper’s plans. There are some design similarities with the well-established Sunday Times.

Some interesting details that are revealed:

It goes out free to around 120 000 subscribers; It will be a totally integrated paper which will offer readers a 24 hour news experience online and in print; It is being built from the ground up and will have its own news, photographic, multimedia and production staff. The current phase consists of designing the offices, recruiting the staff, designing the paper and rebuilding the site around interactivity.

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  4. there is just nothing better in life than competition.

  5. The Star should be worried, we’re a weekly

  6. Worried yet?

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