Bob Woolmer: It really cut me up

I got the breaking news SMS from M&G Online as I got off the plane late Sunday Night. I have to admit, I got strangely cut up about the news. I usually don’t get hung up about these things — but in this instance, I felt really upset for Bob. I don’t know the man. Never met him. So why was it that this got to me? Maybe it was it because it was such a sudden and tragic death? Was it because he was one of the terrifically nice guys of cricket, moreover one of the most capable and innovative of the coaches, always with an intelligent, calm and balanced word to say? Was it because of his loyalty to South Africa? Is it because he had an even brighter future ahead of him, almost certain to eventually coach England (the post he refused immediately after coaching South Africa on ethical grounds)). He is described as a man passionate about cricket: he ate, slept and breathed it… it’s such a shame that he died like that, under stress, after that bizarre game against Ireland. He brought innovation to cricket with his analysis and became synonymous with that famous laptop he always had in the player’s area, calculating the weaknesses of the opposition. My heart goes out to him and his family in Pinelands, Cape Town. Eish.