I wandered over to Yahoo! for the first time in a long time and was struck by the similarity of the site with our own, home-grown, South African portal 24.com. 24.com is apparently doing very well so far… and hats off to ’em for innovating — they’ve got a good platform to start doing some very nice stuff on the local web. I know they are modelling themselves to some extent after Yahoo. The similarity between the sites in appearance is unmistakeable. See for yourself below…



4 Responses to “24.com & Yahoo!”
  1. but steve… the cool thing about blogging @ 24.com is that you are part of a community and that the 24.com portal and 24.com community bloggers can send traffic to your blog posts. its one thing having a blog…its another actually getting people to read what u have to say…i would say that is a BIG BENEFIT of being part of the 24.com blogging network…

  2. 24.com’s web e-mail is clunky, though, and is HTML only, which is a very big no-no as far as I am concerned.

    I started as blog there because I had to register to comment on another blog, but that policy keeps it rather ingrown and introspective.

  3. I personally think that Yahoo’s new look, which was launched a few months ago, is great. Plus it allows a lot of the popular AJAX powered web.2.0 features to be incorporated into it. It comes as no surprise to me that 24.com based their design on Yahoo’s. I was temped to do the same when I first saw it but decided against it.

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