Moneyweb relaunch

One of my favourite websites, Moneyweb, has relaunched, featuring a wide-format design. Their site used to be run by, who lost the contract to do it. I like the wide-format look and the generous use of whitespace… kind of like NY Times and It’s the direction that most news sites are going. The indicators on the left look great and are really compact. The shaded blue menu bar that dominates the page must go… the primary blue, with that shading is early 1990s web and lets what is otherwise a very good design down. Moneyweb should also take their blogs further. Their blogs are a nice feature but can be exploited more. I also couldn’t find a homepage that collated all the blogs, there should be one, if there is one. I also like the tabs on the frontpage, including the “Readers Choice” tab which indicates popular stories. Well done. The South African web is looking better and better.