Got reports from Vincent Maher at his Emmarentia Lake picnic birthday on Sunday that the new-look geek event in Joburg for “techies, media practitioners, speakers, businesspeople, entrepreneurs” called 27 was a roaring success, so went to check it out on a few local blogs. Vince presented some of the Mail & Guardian Online’s social networking and web 2.0 plans for the future which was apparently well-received. I don’t know how he does it, but hats off Mike Stopforth for putting the event together. Here is another report on the geek gathering at Chilibean. Gotta get myself over to one…

4 Responses to “Joburg geekerati gathering”
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  3. hehe… the online illuminati… will c u at the next one

  4. Thanks for the kind words dude! We had a ball, hope to see you at the next one.

    There were many ppl behind it, Dav, Carly and Gregor to name a few, so I cannot take credit. But I still rock.

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