I did a PDF of my powerpoint presentation (3mbs) at the recent Captivate Student Media conference that I popped down to Grahamstown for on Saturday. It looks at the online media industry in South Africa and then the BIG PICTURE, historical view of what online media and online networking means for society as a whole (borrowed from Rupert Murdoch and that anarchic little book from Sweden, Netocracy). It’s hard to understand what these revolutionary statements (collapse of establishment, media elite and even governments as a result of internet networks and citizen media) actually mean and when it will happen and over what period of time, if anything will happen at all. You also have to ask yourself how applicable is this to developing countries? Is it really even feasible to talk about this veritable pie in the sky? You could also say it is somewhat overstated and melodramatic. What is interesting for me however, is that some people are thinking in this way…

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