So briefly popped into Captivate. Did my presentation, which I could put up here for download, but it would really only make Telkom richer. Admittedly, Vincent 2, Matthew 0 ;-).  Again — blown away by good questions, knowledge and interest in the net by the delegates at the conference after our session. We have some top talents in South Africa, especially in online. Big up to Carly (who had a surprising air of calmness around her) and her team who organised the thing… what is Rhodes going to do when these students leave???

Mark Comerford, who lectures new media in Sweden and founded Europe’s first online newspaper Aftonbladet(?), is a man I have much respect for. He’s an Irishman who admits he swears too much — and during is talks. Fookin’ hail, naat the fookin’ blah-grs uh-gehn! I had to leave during the middle of his talk :-(, although caught a taster of it (I think) when he warned against ageism in the online media sector. I often call Rupert Murdoch an old fart, more out of jest than anything else to demonstrate that if he — an old guard deadtree tradional media type — gets it, then we should certainly take notice…. I agree with Mark, online media is incredibly ageist and it is something that we should guard against and be very wary of. I am 32, and feel over the hill (I need to retire). Maybe its a backlash of the youth against the establishment? I dunno.

I mentioned during our QA at Captivate that Mark helped clear something up for me during a dismal Highway Africa conference when he said, quite rightly so, that the “is blogging journalism?” question is stupid (and boring). Asking yourself if blogging is journalism is like asking “is your telephone journalism?”… ie it is just a communication device/medium and what is really important is the message. Blogging can be journalism, ofcourse. Blogging can be pornography too. So – it’s a medium, it’s a message, it’s a culture and way of life. It’s all of ’em. Can we put this silly question to rest now? (yes, my fault for wretching it up… bleeeeeeaahhruuggh).

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  1. Kirby Gordon wrote::

    Hi Matthew

    I attended the Captivate conference and i must agree with you that it was an awesome affair. So professionally conducted. I also really enjoyed your and Vincent’s talk and i think it sparked some really relevant debate.
    As regards blogging and journalism: I think that it is a form of journalism. I feel we live in a world where there is a lot of emphasis being placed on an experience as opposed to an exposure, and so many trends in the market are trying to accomodate this by allowiing individuals the space to tailor these experiences. We’re encouraged to personalise everything from our clothing, to our phones, shit, perhaps even the genetic make-up of our children in the near future! It seems that the media too needs to accomodate this and i think that the blogging phenominon is going to inform this new permeatation of journalism in a very big way.
    Thanks so much for giving your time to talk to us at the conference.


    Sunday, September 24, 2006 at 2:13 am #
  2. Peterhd wrote::

    Looks like an interesting presentation.
    A point to note is that it is extremely expensive to sign up for the OPA it would be interesting to get broader based statistics rather than those of the ‘mainstream’ online media.

    Monday, October 2, 2006 at 8:50 am #

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