Captivate audience & Tito

Need sleep. Am soon to be back in the land of the Rat & Parrot and those people who like to drink till they fall over. Am at Rhodes University in Grahamstown again for the Captivate Student Media Conference. Only finished my presentation at 2am tonight because was with the Guv’nor himself, Tito Mboweni, for a big fancy supper in Pretoria at the Reserve Bank fortress with a few staffers from Mail & Guardian. He is an impressive man and I was impressed with his “no free lunch” attitude to suppers… ie we had to prepare speeches and debate topics throughout the evening… it wasn’t just a slapontheback pow-wow, but a working supper. (Moboweni for president?). Got to wake up at 7 (that’s three hours time) for the plane trip. Help.

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